Double Cove Place
About Us

About Us

Double Cove Place Shopping Arcade blends the sophistication of modern shopping and entertainment with the beauty of nature with its unique location on a twin-cove coastline surrounded by stunning natural settings. The shopping arcade’s glass curtain walls let natural light and the charming outdoor ambience fill plenty of its indoor space. To reduce heat and save energy, the environment-friendly rooftop planted with greenery perfects the shopping experience.

Boasting a gross floor area of 100,000 sq. ft. spread over two floors, Double Cove Place Shopping Arcade offers store sizes from 900 to 14,000 sq. ft. Directly connected to the Wu Kai Sha MTR Station, the shopping arcade will receive a steady flow of upscale shoppers from the Double Cove residential development as well as from the over 20,000 households in nearby residential estates including Lake Silver, Monte Vista, Symphony Bay, Villa Athena and Vista Paradiso. Together with the community in Sai Kung, the combined population of over 400,000 promises huge potential for upmarket retail and modern lifestyle caterers.

Opening Hours: CS Hotline:
10am – 10pm 2603 5291